NationPoint Joint Venture (JV)

NationPoint Offers Award Winning Training and Media Production Capabilities

NationPoint boasts truly compelling Training and Media Production capabilities that set it apart in the industry. With state-of-the-art technology and a team of experienced professionals, we excel at crafting engaging and informative training products. Our media production prowess shines through in our team’s ability to create captivating videos, interactive simulations, and immersive virtual experiences. NationPoint’s commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their work, from scriptwriting to post-production, ensuring that their clients receive top-notch content that not only educates but also entertains. Whether it’s training modules, promotional videos, or multimedia presentations, NationPoint delivers excellence in every frame, making them the go-to choice for organizations seeking impactful and visually stunning media solutions.


For additional info & next steps, please reach out to Rachel Heckel or Rick Schmidt.


Rachel Heckel   (301) 351-4740
Rick Schmidt     (850) 377-0533

An Industry Leader in the Development of Award Winning Training and Media Products.

NationPoint’s Training Division supports development of instructionally sound training products using the ADDI-E Process and leveraging our ViewPoint Learning Management System (LMS) and online review solution.  Our Media Division supports the development of superior-quality media, studio productions, graphic design, social media marketing, and public relations. The media division offers our clients a wide array of multimedia solutions to include specialization in engaging studio and cinematic video, 2D/3D graphic design, computer-generated motion graphics, performance and motion capture, and live event and in-field production.

Media Production Capabilities Reel

Demonstration of NationPoint’s latest Media Production Capabilities
This video contains examples of:
  • Virtual Production
  • Metahumans
  • Motion/Performance Capture
  • Unreal Engine

    NationPoint Training & Education Demo:

    This video provides a brief overview of NationPoint’s Training and Education Capabilities.

    Cross Cultural Competency (3CT) Training Product:

    This immersive training course was produced on behalf of the Defense Language & National Security Education Office (DLNSEO) to support government personnel deploying overseas and supports cross culture and language proficiency.

    USAA Educational Foundation

    Car Buying Basics
    This web series was produced to have an edutainment look and feel to teach personnel about the basics of car buying.

    Motion Graphics Reel

    This reel showcases NationPoint’s Motion graphics work.
    This web series was produced to have an edutainment look and feel to teach personnel about the basics of car buying.

    Visual Effects Reel

    This provides a behind the curtain picture of how NationPoint handles visual effects in support of it’s media products. 

    Cinematic Behind the Scenes

    A quick and insightful look into TPS cinematic production during it’s Army Traumatic Brain Injury training production.

    Small Business Administration (SBA) – Michigan

    For information on related to NationPoint Joint Venture, please feel free to reach out to our Business Opportunity Specialist (BOS) at our district SBA Office in Detroit Michigan.


    U.S. Small Business Administration
    Michigan District Office

    Thomas Vargo
    Lead Business Opportunity Specialist

    (313) 324-3617